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For I know the plans and thoughts that I have for you,’ says the Lord, ‘plans for peace and well-being and not for disaster to give you a future and a hope. -Jeremiah 29:11 (AMP)

I was sitting on an airplane crying my eyes out to a perfect stranger. He asked me one question and the floodgates of heaven opened up allowing the tears to began to overflow from my tear ducts. The truth is, I didn’t expect my life to end up this way. I didn’t expect to be at a place of such unfulfillment where I was consistently searching for the next best thing, running around doing things trying to feel fulfilled.

How many times have you too ran around doing things trying to feel fulfilled? Chasing things, people, and opportunities, hoping that the next best thing will be it. Only to end up unfulfilled.

The fulfillment that you’re looking for, yearning for, only comes from purposeful living. You will never experience true fulfillment until you are doing what God created you to do, so stop it.

Stop looking for the temporary fix. The temporary people, temporary opportunities, temporary things that allow you momentarily happiness but once the newness wears off, it’s back to searching again.

It wasn’t until I got God’s understanding and started actively walking in the direction that He instructed me in that I achieved ultimate fulfillment.

If you truly want to get to the place where you overcome the cycle of searching, make a vow to stop searching for the next best thing and do want God had called you to do.

Prayer: Lord, Thank You for Your truth. I want more for my life. I have searched all over looking for fulfillment, only to end up empty-handed in the end. God show me what your desire for me is so that I can stop searching and start doing exactly what You called me to do. In Jesus name, Amen!


tiffTiffani N. Denham is the creator of Breakfast With Tiffani, a Christian Lifestyle Blog committed to encouraging young Christians to live a totally surrendered life in Christ while enjoying the life that God has blessed us with. Her mission is to change the idea of “when I become a Christian I have to stop…” and show believers the importance of enjoying the abundant life Jesus was referring to in John 10:10.

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