Do You Love You?

Do you love you?

Do you understand,

That you are part of His divine plan?

You were not a mishap because a man forgot to drawback.

For Psalm 139:14 says that you are fearfully and wonderfully made?

That means you, my sister, were swayed

And knitted comfortably

in your mother’s womb.

These days so many women are running to doctors

As though they were proctors in God’s elaborate masterpiece.

For the women are looking at the body parts of others in order

To inject that they may project another image from which God created them to be?

All the while it’s because when they look in the mirror they do not like what they see?

I ask again, do you love you?

Woman, for you are still made in the image of God as told in Genesis.

That may not sit well with you.

But the one who knows the number of hairs on your head

Didn’t plan for you to med

The changes on the outside

To heal your inside.

That’s His job.

Woman, do you love you?

Do you know the one who created the heavens and the earth

Organized your birth?

He above has so much love.

I ask again,

Do you love you?

Joy T.J. Riley began writing at age eleven to channel feelings she could not express in spoken word due to the childhood sex abuse she endured.  Becoming an author was a childhood dream but she had no idea that by submitting to God her dream would come true.
Joy has dual Bachelors of Science degrees in Marketing and General Business Management from the University of Maryland College Park. She was commissioned as a teacher of the Word of God in August 2006. Joy has co-founded organizations, been a guest speaker, mentored youth, and volunteered her time with senior citizens and the homeless.  Joy is president & co-founder of Get Your JOY In The Morning! LLC. It is not just about finding faith, but to show it is through faith that one finds purpose. Joy had to nearly die before understanding her purpose so she knows this motto personally. Joy is an award-winning author of the books “Get Your JOY In The Morning!” and “Shh Don’t Tell.” She has mentored and assisted six writers to become authors, currently writes the monthly Words of Wisdom column for Whine & Cheese Inc., and writes on LinkedIn Pulse. Joy was a contributing writer for Divine Voice Magazine.  Joy is fulfilling another childhood dream as a filmmaker. She is the executive producer/writer of the upcoming documentary film A Legend Among Us. Joy has been on radio, TV, (including Fox 45 News Baltimore and WUSA*9 Washington), and one of three women featured in a short documentary film, The Power of Femininity by Ratliff Events. She is a supporter and ambassador for Safe Shores, The D.C. Children’s Advocacy Center.  Joy writes devotionals to several hundred people across the U.S., Caribbean, Europe, Africa and Asia.
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